About Steve Murphy

Welcome to the official website of former CIA Phoenix Program’s Special Operations S-2 Officer, Network TV & Documentary Film producer and Bestselling Author Steve Murphy. If you like edge-of-your seat action, exotic locations, real life spy and combat stories, steamy sex, and protagonists who are "the stuff great characters are made of", you've come to the right place.

Steve Murphy spent five years in a covert position with the Central Intelligence Agency's Phoenix Program’s Counterinsurgency and Counterterrorism project, operating all throughout South Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, and as the Chief Intelligence Logistics Officer for the Defense Attaché Office in Saigon, Vietnam.

He was the Station Manager of the CIA’s covert “Operation Beaucoup Dinky Dau” working directly with South Vietnam’s Minister of Economic Development, Nguyen Van Hoai, and the US Military brass, that coordinated the largest Black Market Operation ever sanctioned by the CIA, which operated throughout South Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand.

Steve earned his original military experience as a SSG in the 1st Infantry Division in III Corp, and as a MAT Team Advisor in I Corp. The clever solutions he implemented to seemingly unsolvable problems‍—‌often in life-or-death situations required him to improvise complex devices in a matter of minutes‍—He became highly adept at penetration and intelligence gathering, and guerrilla warfare. He became an expert sniper with over 53 kills to his record, earning him the nickname "The Executioner".

But for all his lethal capability, Steve was deeply compassionate and became known as "SSG Mercy", because of the aid he often gave to Vietnamese civilians and others who needed help. He directed flights of the CIA’s Air America program that flew civilians, diplomats, spies, refugees, commandos, sabotage teams, doctors, war casualties, DEA officers, and visiting VIPs. Steve coordinated many of the “Food Drops” (known as “Rice Drops”) and the “Hard Drops” (Ammo and weapons drops) to the Meo and Hmong tribesmen fighting against Communist Pathet Lao, as well as to the Phoenix Program’s operations to destroy the Infrastructure, and the political organization of the Viet Cong and the NVA. He also directed the airlift of a humanitarian mission to build US hospitals and provide development aid of $450 million to prop up as a façade to covert operations.

His Operations also included moving Pacification cash to village chiefs, stolen PX goods, Converting Vietnamese military trust funds, Operating a U.S. funded casino for entrapment of black-market money. His motto was the same as Air America’s slogan …. “Anything, Anywhere, Professionally”

That story is told in Steve’s bestselling book “Operation Beaucoup Dinky Dau”. Steve’s extraordinary dedication masked an extraordinary political mind and a passion for the underdog.

Steve Murphy is not your typical writer. He might be your most atypical writer right up there with Hemmingway and Louis L’Amour, because on his way to the success, Steve struck out on high adventure, at the age of 17, traveling to South America with a French nurse, 10 years his senior, on a 3 month show string budget of $700 total. Those early years are discussed in detail in Steve early autobiography, “Growing Up Murphy”.

They travelled to Mexico City, Panama, Bogota, Columbia, via VARIG Air, then hitchhiked via indigenous local transportation, Morales Bus Lines, to Peru, across the Andes to Cusco, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, Copacabana, to La Paz, Bolivia and to a small village in Bolivia, La Higuera, where Che Guevara was executed. Their journey brought them to Santiago, Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Brasilia, Sao Paulo, and back to UCLA as a freshman. Bored out of his mind, Steve, enlisted in the US Army, volunteered for the Infantry, and volunteered for Vietnam, where he served with the 1st Infantry Division.

Upon Steve’s return to “the world”, he graduated UCLA, and attended law school. And immersed himself in producing, directing, and writing over 900 Network TV Shows and Documentaries, traveling all around America, all based on real life David v Goliath legal stories, broadcast as the Insider Exclusive Investigative Network TV Series seen here http://insiderexclusive.com/

The Insider Exclusive Investigative TV Show Series, a “60 Minute" style Investigative TV Show Series, “Behind the Headlines Investigative Journalism” reports the graphic truth of the “Real Justice in America”, and the truth about real “ordinary” people, their real lives, and the lawyers who guide them through the legal maze they face in extreme life-altering adversities…

The Network TV Shows feature real life “David v Goliath” Legal battles and is the longest running Documentary Network TV Series of unprecedented new investigative specials on headline-making stories…. always up close and personal, gritty and provocative, and always unfiltered.

The Insider Exclusive Investigative TV Series uncover the real drama in people stories: everyday situations which have made it the leading destination for revealing, award-winning, original non-fiction series and event-driven specials that connect Legal Stories with viewers in an informative, immersive and entertaining manner across multiple platforms.

The Network TV Shows cover the issues that promote justice and fairness for injured persons, safeguards victims' rights, and the opportunity to help guide the hands of justice – Especially when people’s lives have been destroyed, families ruined, dreams lost, or widespread societal change and reform are needed. Through the TV Shows he tells the stories of unimaginable pain, suffering, and great wrongs, but also of courage and faith and the dauntlessness of the human spirit, and how indomitable the human spirit can be.

The Network TV Series show relief and vindication for shattered lives and seemingly lost souls. The compassion, warmth, love, and determination of the human spirit found within these shows are neither imagined nor contrived. They are truly personal crusades and telling journeys of what it means to seek justice in an American Courtroom, and many of its stories has now been transformed into a new exciting Book Series, “THE FIXER – When The Legal System Fails, Call the Fixer”, and “Enemies of the State - The Devil’s Confidential Informant"